Image by Debby Hudson

Chocolate 'n' Candy Gift Bar Menu


Just Chocolate Hot Chocolate/Milkshake Bombs = £2 each

Just Chocolate Marbled Hot Chocolate/Milkshake Bombs = £3 each

Just Chocolate Hot Chocolate/Milkshake Footballs = £3.50 each

Just Chocolate Mocca/Coffee Bombs = £2 each

Just Chocolate Marbled Mocca/Coffee Bombs = £3 each

Hot Chocolate/Milkshake Cones = £2

Hot Chocolate/Milkshake Kits = £6

Glitter spoons = 50p each


Salted Caramel or Marshmallows = an extra 50p per bomb, both = an extra £1

Alcohol i.e Baileys or Irish Whiskey = an extra £1 per bomb


Sprinkles = extra 50p per bomb

Drizzle or Piping = extra 50p per bomb

Extra Embellishments = extra 75p per bomb

Glitter or Lustre Dust (scattered) = extra £1 per bomb

Full Glitter or Lustre Dust = extra £1.50 per bomb

Any extra handcrafted drawings, or intricate artwork, start from £1 upwards per bomb, depending on the complexity of the design and size of the order (please call for a quote)

Stands for events and parties = sourced normally at around £15 per stand (please feel free to contact me to discuss hire options)

Hot Chocolate/Milkshake Bombs

Hot Chocolate bombs are the in thing now. Just add your bomb to hot milk and watch the magic happen...milkshake flavoured hot chocolate bombs are so tasty..who would've thought of hot milkshakes?..why not go a step further and get a really cool football bomb?. An exciting gift for a loved one and at any party!

Hot Chocolate/Milk Shake Cones 'n' Kits

As the chocolate bar is currently online let me bring the drinks bar to you. Beautifully and luxury designed kit boxes and cones for either milkshakes or hot chocolate are available today for you or your loved one to have fun with..all you need is some milk, (either hot or cold)..and some squirty cream..simples. All kit boxes come with hot chocolate powder or milkshake (3 flavours) 2 straws, sprinkles, mini marshmallows, 2 glitter spoons and either fruit pieces or chocolate ..have fun making your drinks!

Mocha/Coffee/Irish Whiskey Bombs

Bringing the party to you, these irish whiskey bombs are bound to lift you off your seat!..of course if you prefer a nice mocha or coffee latte all you need is some hot milk and sit back and enjoy the magic!