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Based in Thurrock, Essex and servicing all surrounding areas including East London, Inks 'n' Chocolate's name is inspired by the creative director and the edible artist behind Inks 'n' Chocolate ...
Angie Hincks
With over 20 yrs experience in dibbling and dabbling in all things creative, (including this website), Angie created Inks 'n' Chocolate after her career working with special educational needs came to a sudden end through an unexpected curveball. 

Angie initially came to London as a troubled young teenager  from Northern Ireland and worked in Boots and then on to Selfridges working for Lancome cosmetics as a beauty consultant where she discovered a love of makeup artistry and so became a dabbler in many small artistic enterprises. including artwork and drawing.
Angie was also able to relate to the younger generation and the difficulties she faced as a young teenager in the employment world and so went on to become part of two award-winning teams in supporting young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) into employment..and now recently as a small business owner.

Angie's dream to inspire and support young people with special educational needs in setting up their own businesses still continues!

Angie can be contacted here


The Western and Eastern Edible Art Experience 

By mixing flavour with art and combining western and eastern baking and art cultures, Angie brings a personalised, artistic, fun and edible experience like no other to all her customers. Angie loves to take what looks ordinary and mundane and make it into the most sparkly eye-catching and tasty creations that look like nothing you've ever seen before. 

Inks 'n' Chocolate is a small business venture based at home, which makes it unique in that every order is thoughtfully and lovingly handmade. By melting down coloured chocolates, using japenese molding and marbling techniques, adding some pizzazz, drawing with edible inks and designing with edible bling, these bite-size treats are less messy to eat and can be described as fun wrapped in luxury or luxury wrapped in fun!
Angie's very unique idea of her newest product "bubble cakes" came to her in a dream to look towards the east. Being a big advocate of quantum thinking and joining the left and right hemispheres of the brain, it seemed the most logical step towards out of the box creativity

Angie's mission, however Inks 'n' Chocolate grows, is to insist on using the best ingredients and always aim to provide exquisitely delicious custom made treats and the best hands-on western and eastern experiences to all her customers

Custom made, to order as gifts and catering to all events, parties, weddings etc as well as to all dietary requirements, Inks 'n' Chocolate treats can be enjoyed immediately or stored away;

1 week on the counter
2 weeks in the fridge
3 months in the freezer

Sister Projects

A Temporary Ink 'n' Glitter Tattoo Service can be provided at an extra cost for all parties and events...please contact me for a quote

My project (40).png

Realistic 'n' Cartoon Drawings

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